The Mountain Winery!

As usual, we had a fantastic afternoon at The Mountain Winery. It was a beautiful day and the crowd was great. A big thanks to Mayor Jesse for, as always, being a great host!

Hootenanny at The Mountain Winery  01.18.2015

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  1. dave roberds says:

    I had the pleasure of seeing you guys at cats in los gatos. And you were fabulous,the sounds that come out of your instruments is just unreal I have never seen a three pieace band two acoustic guitars and a drummer that can play as many songs in one setting as you guys can. And the variety of all the songs you do was just outstanding. Your vocals were just one more amazing high light to the evening, very well synchronized and the ability to play your songs as if you were the the actual band performing the hit song.I highly recommend that everyone who loves 60-70-80-90s music see this band.It is by far the most entertaining band out there ….Honestly this band is going to blow your minds with there talent to make any event a memorable one .these guys played every song on there list of songs without taking a break…truly remarkable …Brovo guys

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